“I can’t believe it’s not pumpkin” pie


There are an epic number of pumpkin pies being shared this week, so why another? As the name implies, this is no ordinary pumpkin pie. It’s actually made with nuts and carrot juice!

I first had the opportunity to try this raw vegan pie when Jess, a.k.a. Natural Chef Niagara, came to my in-law’s house to cook and serve us a three-course vegan meal, which I had won as a raffle prize at the Niagara Veg Fest back in June. With busy schedules and newborn babies, we weren’t able to schedule a dinner until earlier this month but the wait was absolutely worth it.

New ebook + a package offer!


That’s right, folks! For the last several months, Lisa and I have been hard at work creating ebook #2, called Edible Gifts: Spread the Vegan Food Love at Every Occasion. (In case you missed the first ebook we launched last year, you can check it out here.)

It’s that time of year when celebrations and gift-giving are on our minds, and so it seemed fitting to create an ebook especially for this tradition. Most celebrations center around food, and so it is our hope that this new collection of recipes will help you share the love of delicious vegan food with the people you adore.

We’re not just talking about gingerbread cookies and jarred Chex party mix. We’re talking about 15 incredibly delicious food gift recipes like…

Gluten-free maple “bacon” doughnuts


My hubby? He loves doughnuts. I mentioned on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that he ate an entire test batch of these babies. It took me a few more trials to get them just right, but here I am now able to share them with you!

These little guys are a real treat: tender baked doughnuts topped with a layer of sweet maple glaze and sprinkled with homemade coconut bacon. A truly Canadian treat made gluten-free and vegan. They are an ode to my home country, and a tribute to the place that gave us hockey, peanut butter, Nanaimo bars, Trivial Pursuit and the Wonderbra, and the birthplace of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Ellen Page, Jim Carrey, and Ryan Gosling—oh, and me!

Grain-free autumn fruit crumble from Naturally Sweet & Gluten-Free


I’m pretty excited to be a part of my friend Ricki’s virtual book tour for her beautiful new cookbook, Naturally Sweet & Gluten-Free. You may have already read the praise she’s been receiving from others, like Angela, Tess, Allyson, Gena , JL, Carolyn and Dreena.

Ricki’s blog, RickiHeller.com (formerly Diet, Dessert & Dogs), has become a go-to resource for vegans and others with food allergies or sensitivities or looking for insight into the anti-candida diet. Over the years, Ricki has shared her struggles with health and weight because of her addiction to unhealthy sweets. When she cut out all refined sweeteners from her life, she began to search for alternatives and, in the process, learned to create recipes that are both healthy and satisfying. 

Roasted eggplant hummus


I have to admit: this hummus recipe has been sitting in my drafts folder for several weeks now. I’m so sorry, dear hummus, but you must have gotten lost in the shuffle!

In any case, I bought these beautiful little eggplants at one of my rare trips to the farmers’ market earlier in the summer and I couldn’t wait to get home and incorporate it into a recipe. And since hummus is almost always on my mind, the purple beauties went straight into a food processor with chickpeas after a quick roast in the oven.