Aine’s fig and grapefruit granola

Fig and Grapefruit Granola | A Dash of Compassion

If you’re coming here as a new vegan or perhaps someone who is just curious about the concept of veganism, I’d like to applaud you for having an open mind and the courage to try something new. You can’t tell from here, but if I met you in person I’d be squealing in excitement about the possibility of a new vegan friend. But for now, let’s settle for virtual high fives.

Let’s face it: making the switch to veganism ain’t easy. For that first little while, your thoughts run immediately to all your favourite foods that are now off the list—and that list seems to run long the first time you think about it. It’s a process we all go through. And then, the first time you experience someone publicly making fun of or questioning your new lifestyle, or you’re out for a meal with no apparent vegan options in sight, you want to immediately run back to what’s familiar and acceptable. Animal foods have probably permeated your life since infancy when you started eating solid foods, and that deeply ingrained acceptance and routine is hard to change.

Fig and Grapefruit Granola | A Dash of Compassion

So what should you do, and why bother? Well, for lots of reasons, and my friend Aine Carlin delves into this and more in her latest book, The New Vegan.

A practical resource and cookbook in one, The New Vegan offers helpful and humerous advice and over 90 tempting recipes to get you started. Although I think the recipes are the star of this book, Aine also sets out to answer all the key questions that come up as a new vegan, and covers vegan-friendly fashion and beauty products too—including how to make your own.

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