Incredible whipped chocolate mousse

Incredible Whipped Chocolate Mousse | A Dash of Compassion

I eat a lot of chocolate. In fact, I tend to dip into my chocolate stash almost nightly, even if it means breaking off just a little square to satisfy my craving. My favourite as of late has been the Zazubean Saltry dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds. Oh man, is it ever good. (This isn’t a sponsored post; it’s just something I’m diggin’ lately.)

My diehard chocolate habit won’t be going away anytime soon, thanks to this recipe. You won’t believe this fluffy chocolate mousse consists of only a handful of ingredients, the main one being a full can of beans! If you’ve been here long enough, you’ll know I love sneaking nutritious plants into sweet things. And, given the zero waste trend these days, it only made sense to use up the aquafaba liquid, too.

So that, in a nutshell, is how this incredible, nutritious and high-protein whipped chocolate mousse was born.

Incredible Whipped Chocolate Mousse | A Dash of Compassion

This recipe is a fairly easy one but there are a few things we need to get sorted before you start. Essentially, the recipe requires you to blend the beans, whip the aquafaba liquid, and melt the chocolate, all of which will be mixed together to create this awesome mousse. So, you’ll need some appliances: a blender, a stand mixer and a double boiler. Seems like a lot, right? Sorry, but I promise it’ll be worth it. Hear me out for a few alternatives.

The blender is required to blend the beans into a smooth liquid. The stand mixer is needed to whip the aquafaba into a stiff foam. If you don’t own a stand mixer, you can use an electric hand mixer and some arm strength. It’ll take about five minutes or so to get the stiff foam, so go this route if you want a good arm workout.

One thing I should note is that during the testing of this recipe I noticed there’s inconsistency in the amount of aquafaba liquid in each can of beans, even when I use the same brand! So, the whipped texture of the finished mousse will depend on how much liquid is whipped and folded into the chocolate. I’ve noticed I get between 1/4 to 1/2 cup liquid from a can. Either way, it’ll be delicious.

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