Heather’s bourbon salted chocolate-pecan cluster nice cream + a giveaway!

Bourbon Salted Chocolate-Pecan Cluster Ice Cream | A Dash of Compassion

When I was writing my cookbook three years ago, I was completely infatuated with developing recipes for the sweet treats chapter and baking almost every day—if not multiple times a day. And, it’s probably clear as the author of DIY Vegan I was also really into making everything from scratch, including blending whole grains in my Blendtec to make flour, soaking vanilla beans in vodka for some incredibly easy homemade vanilla extract, and making dairy-free whipped cream and pudding right from scratch, with simple ingredients.

During this process, the test batches of basic homemade chocolate and vanilla ice cream that sat in my freezer during the intense heat waves that summer were the perfect treat after a long day of recipe testing. Ice cream seemed to hit the spot when I needed it most, calming my over-heated and over-stressed self. I mean, who doesn’t love a scoop of ice cream on any given summer’s day?

I usually prefer a basic ice cream flavour with a handful of fun toppings over anything else. But then along came this bourbon salted chocolate-pecan cluster ice cream. Just take those words in for a minute. Are you drooling yet?

Yum Universe Pantry to Plate giveaway! | A Dash of Compassion

While I can’t take credit for today’s delectable ice cream recipe, it took me back to that summer in 2004 when ice cream was my everything—but multiplied the flavour satisfaction by about a hundred percent. Upon my first spoonful, I immediately fell in love with the sweet and creamy bourbon-induced, coconut-based ice cream swirled with chunks of homemade salted chocolate-covered pecan clusters. Those clusters, all by themselves, are worth the effort. I would have eaten them by the handful if it weren’t for the second part of the recipe.

The talented powerhouse behind this recipe is Heather Crosby of YumUniverse, and you can find it along with 100 recipes and templates of plant-powered amazingness in her new book, Pantry to Plate.

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