Kitchen reveal: Renovation before & after

Kitchen reveal: Renovation before and after | A Dash of Compassion

This post is a long time coming. I mean, really long. I’ve alluded to the fact that we underwent home renos last year, which left me kitchen-less for the better part of last fall. I’ve been enjoying my brand new space for a few months now and I figured it was about time I wrote a little something about it.

Renovating our kitchen was the first major project we undertook since moving into our home at the end of 2015. The house was in pretty good shape when we bought it, but the two most important rooms—the kitchen and bathrooms—were crying out to be updated.

Kitchen reveal: Renovation before and after | A Dash of Compassion

On the surface, the kitchen looked somewhat decent because the previous owners installed new, shaker-style cabinet doors before they put the house up for sale. But the surface doesn’t tell the whole story! Behind those doors were cabinet boxes that were super old and yellowed, and the interior shelving—decorated with ugly and peeling stick-tack liners—were bowing in the middle and caked with decades-old dirt and grease. I would share a photo of the inside of the cabinets if I had one, but you’d probably cringe in disgust.

The cheap laminate countertops weighed down the space and the old white appliances were on their last legs (we sold them before I took these photos). Plus, you should have seen the bubble-like rubber flooring that was in there before I begged my sweet-as-ever husband and brother-in-law to replace it with the blue tile as a temporary solution because I couldn’t stand looking at it.

Kitchen reveal: Renovation before and after | A Dash of Compassion

As someone who spends most of her extra time in the kitchen, and moving from a previously renovated kitchen to this one, I was pretty disappointed, to say the least. But the location of this new house was hard to beat, and exactly where we wanted to be. Plus, if you know anything about Toronto real estate, you know you can’t be too picky about these things. You’ve basically won the property lottery if you can even manage to land a winning bid. So, along with this new home purchase came a promise from my husband that the kitchen would be our first project.

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