Hot & spicy vegan chili with lentil-walnut meat


My in-laws own a beautiful cottage that sits on a lake at the end of a very long, empty dirt road in northern Ontario.  It’s a good hike from Toronto and almost always involves sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic up Highway 400 through Barrie, but the drive is always worth it once we get there.

It’s the one place where we can leave behind the noisy, crowded, high-energy city that we live in, and soak in the calmness and fresh air of cottage country. I sometimes long for the days when we can go, because often just a quick weekend visit can put my busy mind at ease. There’s something about the place that allows me to leave computers, cell phones and iPads behind and crack open a good book.


Because of full-time jobs and ongoing weekend projects, however, we don’t get there often. But we always make a point of planning a weekend getaway each September because there’s no better time to see the leaves on the trees turning gorgeous shades of red and orange, sit on the dock without scorching your skin, and enjoy the warmth of the wood-burning fireplace in the evenings. Include wine and friends and a game or two of Cards Against Humanity and it ends up being a pretty epic weekend.


Pumpkin spice popcorn

It took me  almost two years to figure out how to make my own flavoured popcorn. That’s a long time to go without popcorn. I’m not just talking about the air-popped, coconut-oil and nooch-sprinkled stuff that has become most people’s movie night treat. It’s the stuff that, much like Cracker Jack, is coated in a crunchy,...

Do you like stuff that is awesome? Do you especially like the people who create stuff that is awesome? Good, because I do, too. And today I’m sharing a new awesome thing in the form of a book by the ever-talented Heather Crosby of I recently got a sneak peak of her brand...

Thanksgiving collage

12 crowd-pleasing Thanksgiving desserts

All of you south of the Canada-US border or other parts of the world may not realize this, but it’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend! (I know, it snuck up on me, too.) That means it’s time for fall-themed, crowd-pleasing meals and desserts. Since this website started out as a mostly-desserts blog, I’ve got a ton...


Superpower matcha vanilla overnight oats + a giveaway!

A little superpower is what I’m aiming for these days. After a very busy summer of recipe testing (and, naturally, a lot of taste testing) and photography for the book, I’m refocusing my goals for the next few months to me. That means pulling on my workout pants, fastening my workout bra (these babies need...