Double Chocolate Nutella-Stuffed Cookies

Double Chocolate Nutella-Stuffed Cookies | A Dash of Compassion

Let’s just take a moment to let the words in the title of this post sink in. Yes, that’s right. Double chocolate. Nutella-stuffed. Cookies.

Just imagine the taste and texture against the tip of your tongue as you bite into one. Imagine the creamy Nutella sticking to the roof of your mouth as you chew on the soft outer cookie layer. Mmmm.

Truth be told, I’ve been itching to share this recipe ever since I created it earlier in the summer. But things got a little hectic. I started house hunting, bought a house, sold a house, photographed a couple of cookbooks, started working on the DIY Vegan book launch, and then packed up to move. And that’s just in the last few months.

Double Chocolate Nutella-Stuffed Cookies | A Dash of Compassion

Do you want to know what the most difficult thing about the whole move was? Packing up my cookbook collection.

In preparation for putting my house up for sale, we were advised to de-clutter as much as possible and move out any valuables. The first thing I thought of was my cookbook collection (Am I crazy?) since it is totally invaluable to me and also took up a large chunk of my dining room. So I begrudgingly packed all my books away and stored them at a friend’s house.

Last week, I got them back. I’m not sure anyone around me quite understood how amazing it felt to rip open the boxes and line up the cookbooks on my new built-in bookshelf—carefully organized by size, necessity and favourites. It was like giving big, comforting hugs to friends I hadn’t seen in a while.


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