Gluten-free fudge cake with coconut cream and berries

It turns out my kale and quinoa tabbouleh salad really did get me back on track. Of course, it's no coincidence that my week of super healthy eating (except for that slice of cake that was put in front of me last weekend...oops!) offered the antioxidant power to fight off the painful, phlegmy, energy-zapping...


Kale and quinoa tabbouleh salad

What a week. While trying to fall back into my regular routine after my whirlwind vacation in Vegas, I came down with a nasty cold. Work piled up on my desk, decisions about more home renovations needed to be made, and I wanted to come up with something to contribute to my father-in-law's birthday...


Being vegan in Las Vegas

Just a few days ago I returned from a whirlwind vacation in the infamous Las Vegas, where my good friends Robin and Amelia got hitched! I was super excited about this trip, as it meant spending some quality time with a big group of amazing people. But let's face it: Vegas is not cheap....

Dreena cover

Dreena Burton’s Plant-Powered 15 ebook

Have you heard yet? The plant-powered maven, Dreena Burton, is at it again. To add to her growing list of impressive cookbooks is a brand new e-cookbook, appropriately named Plant-Powered 15.


Yeast-free cinnamon rolls from Real Snacks

We all have a weakness for junk food. The problem is it's not very good for us. Aside from the overabundance of fat, sodium and sugar in most of today's snack food products, there are also the unidentifiable chemicals and preservatives on the ingredients list to consider. When it comes down to it, those...