DIY Delicious ebook includes:

  • 10 easy recipes for everyday staples and snacks
  • includes recipes of a few of our favourite staples, along with recipes that actually use those staples
  • recipes free of gluten, refined sugars and animal products
  • clear instructions, helpful tips and make-ahead options
  • full-colour photos of most recipes

Base price: $2.99 (no longer available)


Edible Gifts ebook includes:

  • a collection of 15 recipes for edible food gifts that will impress anyone
  • recipes free of refined ingredients, gluten and animal products
  • clear instructions that will make your gift-making process a breeze
  • holiday gifting suggestions and ingredient resources
  • large, full-colour photos of every recipe

 The bonus?

One-third (33%) of all ebook proceeds will be donated to a local charity that has given us the gift of community—the Toronto Vegetarian Association. Lisa and I are longtime volunteers and members of TVA and, with your help, we’d like to give back to this volunteer-driven, non-profit organization that does so much to inspire others to choose a healthier, greener, more peaceful lifestyle.

Base price: $6.99 (no longer available)


Tiny Treats ebook includes:

  • 25 dessert recipes using simple, whole foods
  • recipes free of wheat, refined ingredients and animal products
  • an array of desserts plus staple recipes for nut milk, raw chocolate and date paste
  • tips and techniques to help you master amazing results every time
  • large, full-colour photos of every recipe

The bonus?

One-third (33%) of all ebook proceeds will be donated to a charity that is close to our hearts, Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand, where Lisa spent time volunteering. This unique sanctuary is not only a rescue and rehabilitation centre but it also provides a home for the endangered Asian elephant species.

Base price: $9.99 (no longer available)