Walnut shortbread

The winter holidays just aren't the same without shortbread. After the successful outcome of my last few walnut recipes, it only made sense that my next kitchen experiment would involve a holiday favourite.


Goodbye Gracias and Gratitude?

The announcement of the impending sale or closure of all Northern California locations of Cafe Gratitude as well as Gracias Madre feels like a huge blow to the vegan food scene. I have to admit, I was shocked and almost teared up when I read the news on Huffington Post on Tuesday.


Raw mint Nanaimo bars

It's only the beginning of December and I can already smell the familiar scents of the holiday season. Cinnamon candles, gingerbread cookies, candy canes and hot cocoa are on everyone's mind once again.


No-bake apple tart

I'm having trouble finding words to describe how much I love this dessert. Had I known it was going to look and taste this good, I would have made two! Better still, it's one of those desserts that can be added to your not-so-guilty pleasures of the holiday season.


Flour 101: Tips for getting consistent results

Baking is known to be an exact science. Many recipes are able to accomodate some slight variations, but if you've ever wondered why a recipe turned out great one time and not so great another time, variation in your measurements could be a leading culprit.