Dehydrator basics & granola

On an average day, I tend to have way more recipe ideas in my head than I do time or oven space. I'm grateful for my own kitchen and my double oven, but that still doesn't seem to be enough. Enter my brand-spanking new Excalibur dehydrator, recently given to me by a wonderful friend.


Sweet potato date muffins

The food court experience is a notoriously lousy one. It's loud, rushed, wasteful and has limited options (if any at all) for the growing sector of citizens who are moving beyond the standard American diet. For years, Toronto's famous Eaton Centre was no exception. That is, until today.


Chocolate chip toffee bars

Have you heard? The last day of September (that's today!) is officially Vegan Baking Day. It may not be on the government's radar, a legal holiday (yet) or a charity marathon with a high media profile that involves racing through the city with a basket of muffins. Simply put, it's a day to focus...


The best of raw mini pies

The last of the Raw Mini Pie Challenge entries rolled in on September 1 while Lisa and I were away enjoying the vegan food scenein San Francisco, and so we were eager to spend our first weekend back home studying all the delicious-looking entries and gearing up for recipe-testing and judging.


Raw ice cream of your dreams

Aside from the Raw Mini Pie Challenge testing extravaganza that occurred over the weekend (we'll be announcing the winners tomorrow!), Lisa and I also put on one heck of a raw dessert demo at the 27th annual Vegetarian Food Festival at Harbourfront Centre. This particular festival has had a special place in my heart since...