Raw Chocolate in review

Raw vegan desserts have come a long way in the last little while. Starting out as unconventional hippie food, there are now budding raw chefs and numerous restaurants elevating cashew cheesecakes and coconut ice cream to a whole new level.


Gluten-free cinnamon spice doughnuts

Is anyone up for another mini doughnut recipe? I'm seeing them everywhere, particularly in their baked form. I know they were pretty popular last year, but the trend seems to be continuing.


Easy macadamia caramel

This macadamia caramel wins for the quickest and tastiest recipe of the year, hands down. It was all so easy—the blending, the taste testing, the mouthwatering photos. I just couldn't help myself from licking the spoon clean when it was all over.


What “vegan” means in baking

Not surprisingly, I have come to be known as the vegan baker among my family, friends and coworkers. Yet, there are still many people in my life who don't actually know what that means.


Dark chocolate mousse cups

For most of the year I have a variety of nut and seed butters taking up precious space in my fridge. They're typically either homemade or poured from the local health food store bulk bins and stored in short, wide-mouthed jars. They sit quietly, waiting to be called upon for cookies, tarts, rice bars,...