German chocolate ice cream from Vegan a la Mode

It's like Christmas in July, when the Canadian summer hits its high notes and I'm searching for ways to beat the heat, and the best gift happens to land in my mailbox. Hannah Kaminsky’s third book, Vegan a la Mode, is the perfect reason to break out my brand new ice cream maker and...

June’s Treat of the Month Club

It's hard to believe we're already into the summer months and Lisa and I are on our third instalment of the Treat of the Month Club. Despite today's wet and cloudy weather, we were both pretty happy to meet up with this month's club participants to distribute our latest batch of delicious delights.

Flourless mocha bean cookies

I'm sure we've all been amazed by the idea of the black bean brownie, of which variations abound in food magazines and on many blogs. It's possible I'm the only one in the vegan community who has never tried them.

Strawberry rhubarb mini pies

A few days ago, when I came home with my share of veggies from my local CSA pick up, the first thing my hubby noticed was the long stalks of rhubarb sticking out of the bag.

May’s Treat of the Month Club

We did it again. And by that, I mean another successul instalment of the vegan Treat of the Month Club! Today, while Lisa was enjoying a much-deserved break in NYC, I headed to the meeting spot in Yorkville to dole out close to 100 sweet treats to the enthusiastic club participants. I loved...