August Treat of the Month Club

Happy Sunday everyone! Lisa and I are thrilled that we’ve continued to have such wonderful support for our Vegan Treat of the Month Club. This was one of those ideas, cooked up over emails, that you never truly imagine will materialize.

Ebook outtakes

Many of you may already know that Lisa and I have been working behind the scenes on a few extra projects this year. The one that has taken up the most time--and that we started back in March--is a compilation of new recipes for our very first ebook.

July’s Treat of the Month Club

This summer has turned out to be a very busy one! Lisa and I have managed to fill our days with a number of special projects. This morning, we were able to stop and catch our breath while we doled out this month's Treat of the Month Club goodies.

German chocolate ice cream from Vegan a la Mode

It's like Christmas in July, when the Canadian summer hits its high notes and I'm searching for ways to beat the heat, and the best gift happens to land in my mailbox. Hannah Kaminsky’s third book, Vegan a la Mode, is the perfect reason to break out my brand new ice cream maker and...

June’s Treat of the Month Club

It's hard to believe we're already into the summer months and Lisa and I are on our third instalment of the Treat of the Month Club. Despite today's wet and cloudy weather, we were both pretty happy to meet up with this month's club participants to distribute our latest batch of delicious delights.