For this ebook, Tiny Treats, I collaborated with raw chef Lisa Pitman to bring you creative, whole-food-based dessert recipes that will transform the way you look at desserts and feel about yourself.

The ebook includes:

  • 25 dessert recipes using simple, whole foods
  • recipes free of wheat, refined flours and sugars, soy, eggs and dairy
  • an array of cookies, bars, cakes, plus staple recipes for nut milk, raw chocolate and date paste
  • simple instructions–no fancy kitchen equipment required (just a blender or food processor)
  • Tips and techniques to help you master amazing results every time
  • large, full-colour photos of every recipe

The bonus?

Each purchase of the Tiny Treats ebook will not only bring delicious food into your life, it will also help to feed a deserving herd of hungry elephants in Thailand.

One-third (33%) of all ebook proceeds will be donated to a charity that is close to our hearts, Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand, where Lisa spent time volunteering last December (you can read about her experience here and here). This unique sanctuary is not only a rescue and rehabilitation centre but it also provides a home for the endangered Asian elephant species.

We are excited to share our delicious confections and, with your generosity, support activism and animals around the world. Take a peek inside!

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Ebook format: This ebook comes in PDF format for viewing on laptops, desktop computers and iPads.

We are grateful for all the support and encouragement we received with this project. A special thank you goes out to Marika for her photography and styling assistance, and to Cindy for her design services (and for graciously donating her compensation to the elephants).

Love & Cupcakes,

Lisa & Nicole


Tiny Treats made the list on Vegetarian Times’ Top 5 Must-Download Veg E-Cookbooks!

“When I first saw the ebook, my mouth literally dropped open: the recipes are fantastic, healthy, creative, and they are beautifully represented by stunning photographs that correspond with each recipe. What more could you ask for?”    ~Allyson Kramer, cookbook author, ManifestVegan.com

“I have a great amount of respect for these two very talented ladies and I knew the project would be a ton of fun and a smash success…I feel truly honoured to have been able to contribute to its creation.”   ~Marika Collins, food and lifestyle photographer, MadcapCupcake.com

“The recipes are unique, healthy, and elegant all at the same time, not to mention the photography and page layouts could be straight out of a food magazine. You can really tell how much time and love went into creating this book!”  ~Angela Liddon, blogger, OhSheGlows.com

“The recipes I’ve tried so far have been incredible, and the photos in this ebook are also stunning (and each recipe has its own full-color photo)–every page is a mini celebration of healthy, beautiful, delicious food!”  ~Ricki Heller, cookbook author, DietDessertnDogs.com

“Tiny Treats is full of amazing full-page photographs of each recipe, and is very user friendly. The recipes are easy to follow…and they also include all the right little tips all throughout the book.”   ~Heather Pace, chef, SweetlyRaw.com

“My favorite thing about Lisa and Nicole’s ebook, however, is not the simplicity of the ingredients, nor the beauty of the desserts, nor the lovely introductions to each recipe. It is the fact that a third of the sales are being donated to Elephant Nature Park.” ~Gena Hamshaw, blogger, ChoosingRaw.com