Amazing granola parfaits

The city I live in is very much a cosmopolitan. It is a sprawling metropolis of glass and steel whose skyline is punctuated by the familiar CN Tower among a showcase of condo and commercial buildings. What I love most about this city is that it has grown into one of the most ethnically...


What’s not vegan about wine?

Whenever the topic of veganism comes up with friends and family while we're enjoying a glass or two of wine, many are surprised to learn about the use of animal products in wine-making. "I don't get it. Why aren't all wines vegan?" they ask.

Chocolate Coating Chips 1

Simple staple foods you can make at home

One of the main messages I try to convey on this blog is that homemade, plant-based meals and snacks are worth the time and effort you put into making them. Today, you'll find a new article on VegNews.com that highlights six simple staple foods you can easily make on your own for a fraction...


Wellness Reboot review and special offer

It's almost two full months into 2013 and I'm feeling pretty great. How about you? The first day of January started off like any other---with the promise to improve my eating habits and fitness regime---but this year, I had a little help from a friend. Christy Morgan, otherwise known as the Blissful Chef, invited me...


Beetroot falafel with tahini dressing

I have a very limited history with beets. As a child, they rarely landed on my dinner plate except, it seems, when we went to my grandmother's house. Hers must have been either canned or boiled because, after one bite, I declared they were not for me. I grew up thinking I hated them,...