My 6 favourite vegan companies

If you're a frequent online shopper who prefers supporting ethical and eco-friendly products and companies, you've likely heard of Vegan Cuts. This little gem of a website was created by fellow Canadian bloggers Jill and John, who wanted to encourage more people to shop with vegan ethics--not just in the grocery store aisles but...


Knit night cupcakes

Finally, I have a moment to sit down and catch my breath. Life has felt a bit chaotic lately. Shortly before launching the ebook--which was one month ago today!--I began a certificate program that has not only changed my perspective on nutrition, but it has reminded me what life is like to be a student...


September Treat of the Month Club

Welcome fall. Today, as Lisa and I set out with our packages of sweets to share with our Treat of the Month Club members, I think we were both thankful for the crisp chill in the air. Although I love the warmth of summer, the fact that my entire city now feels like the inside...


Six vegan dessert recipes to master

When people are first introduced to the world of vegan baking, they often can't believe it's possible to create desserts that make use of good-for-you ingredients yet still taste delicious. What a concept, huh? It's easy to get overwhelmed or confused by new approaches to tradition, like using flax and water instead of eggs,...


Vegan cupcakes take over Toronto

The annual special presentation at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival often happens at the tail-end of the festivities. This year, "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over Toronto" involved five of Toronto's top vegan bakeries going head-to-head in a Cupcake Wars-style battle to answer the question: Who makes Toronto's best vegan cupcake?