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Review: Vegan Food Gifts

While the holidays are a fabulous time to be grateful and merry, they also stir up a lot of emotions, memories and even fears. Starting around mid-November, we engage in a flurry of parties, extra demands and financial stretching. If you're like me, it's easy to get caught up in the moment. Planning for parties,...


The 30-Day Vegan Challenge giveaway!

You might be curious about the concept of veganism but something is stopping you from exploring it further. Maybe you have a pet and wonder if there's a difference between him or her and the pig that turned into the bacon on your breakfast plate. Maybe you saw an eye-opening video about society's treatment...


November Treat of the Month Club

Our second-last month of the vegan Treat of the Month Club has come and gone. We still can’t believe that we’ve been packing up surprise selections of different treats for the past nine months. We’ve met so many lovely people and spent many a Sunday waiting to watch their delight when they finally get to...


Moroccan vegetable and lentil stew

Last week I brought home my last haul of produce from my CSA, a community-supported agriculture program I very much enjoyed since May. I had visions of making something super tasty to end the season off right. Soups and stews are what I'm craving lately so what resulted was this delicious Moroccan-inspired meal.


Pumpkin spice granola

I meant to stop myself after the first five spoonfuls, but before I knew it, I looked down and saw only a small puddle of almond milk and few random oat flakes sticking to the edges of the otherwise empty glass bowl.