Pumpkin spice granola

I meant to stop myself after the first five spoonfuls, but before I knew it, I looked down and saw only a small puddle of almond milk and few random oat flakes sticking to the edges of the otherwise empty glass bowl.


Brazil nut fudge

Happy World Vegan Day! Did you even know there is such a day? Well, it's true. To celebrate, I thought I'd share my latest fudge recipe, which was actually one of the contenders for inclusion in the Tiny Treats ebook but it didn't make the cut for two simple reasons: we already had quite a...


Roasted squash and beet salad with shallot dressing

You may be wondering why a savoury recipe is being featured on a dessert blog. Well, I've decided to mix things up a bit.


October Treat of the Month Club

When life gives you rain storms, eat chocolate. That was the conclusion Lisa and I came to as we headed out the door this morning for our 7th consecutive Treat of the Month Club. The cold, wet day didn't dampen our plans to deliver this month's goodies to club members, but we secretly hoped our...


Maple cinnamon multi-seed butter

Is it just me, or have flavoured nut butters surpassed the almighty hummus in popularity? Although I would like to think I stay away from most food fads, I suppose this recipe would qualify as trendy. After seeing a continuous stream of flavoured nut butter recipes on so many food blogs, from walnut cacao...