Vegan cupcakes take over Toronto

The annual special presentation at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival often happens at the tail-end of the festivities. This year, "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over Toronto" involved five of Toronto's top vegan bakeries going head-to-head in a Cupcake Wars-style battle to answer the question: Who makes Toronto's best vegan cupcake?

Instant almond milk

I look forward to the second weekend of September like it's Christmas. During those two days, Toronto turns into a vegan mecca. If you’ve never attended the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival (the world’s largest veg fest) then this video created by the Toronto Vegetarian Association is a great sneak peak...

Ebook release!

You know that feeling of pride and accomplishment when you finish a project you worked so hard on? That's how I feel about the results of this ebook project, which took many months of recipe development, testing and retesting. It has been a complete labour of love ever since Lisa and I started sharing...

DIY chocolate tahini

A couple of years ago, I gave up packaged peanut butter when I discovered the joys of sunflower seed butter. Back then, this specialty nut butter was only available at select health food stores, and it didn't come cheap.

August Treat of the Month Club

Happy Sunday everyone! Lisa and I are thrilled that we’ve continued to have such wonderful support for our Vegan Treat of the Month Club. This was one of those ideas, cooked up over emails, that you never truly imagine will materialize.