Raw mint Nanaimo bars

It's only the beginning of December and I can already smell the familiar scents of the holiday season. Cinnamon candles, gingerbread cookies, candy canes and hot cocoa are on everyone's mind once again.


No-bake apple tart

I'm having trouble finding words to describe how much I love this dessert. Had I known it was going to look and taste this good, I would have made two! Better still, it's one of those desserts that can be added to your not-so-guilty pleasures of the holiday season.


Flour 101: Tips for getting consistent results

Baking is known to be an exact science. Many recipes are able to accomodate some slight variations, but if you've ever wondered why a recipe turned out great one time and not so great another time, variation in your measurements could be a leading culprit.


Wholesome walnut raisin cookies

If I close my eyes, I can conjure up memories of childhood visits to my grandmother’s house at Christmas time, where I would always expect to see a large bowl of nuts on the dining-room table.


Review: Blissful Bites

As an avid reader of recipe books, I rarely find myself purchasing a book whose target audience is new to vegan cooking. Yet, macrobiotic vegan chef Christy Morgan’s gorgeous first book, Blissful Bites: Vegan Meals That Nourish Mind, Body and Planet, seems fit for anyone interested in making healthy, delicious, animal-free meals without a...