Knit night cupcakes

Finally, I have a moment to sit down and catch my breath.

Life has felt a bit chaotic lately. Shortly before launching the ebook–which was one month ago today!–I began a certificate program that has not only changed my perspective on nutrition, but it has reminded me what life is like to be a student again. Lectures and readings and assignments, oh my!

Mind you, this time around I also have to keep up with a full-time job, housework and a husband. On top of that, we have been doing some pretty major renovations on my house for the last two months, so I am essentially sequestered to the basement with my cats. Thankfully though, the renovations do not affect my kitchen–I just have to walk through a maze of drop sheets, drywall and tools to get to it.

Over the last few weeks, I also found time to help organize a special party for my dear friend Emily. You see, she’s getting married in a few short weeks. Being the non-traditional bride that she is, she insisted on not having any bridal showers. So, instead, a few of us decided to throw a surprise karaoke party in her honour with a large group of friends (boys included).

For the decor and food, we incorporated a few of her favourite things, which included candy, knitting, musicals, and hummus.

This was a fantastic opportunity to try out something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.

Knit night cupcakes!

These pretty gems were a time-consuming project, but they were well worth it. Everyone at the party raved about them. Check out the video of the Martha Stewart Show where Lolo demonstates how to make them.

It’s brilliant!



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