And the winner is…

Happy Friday everyone! I'm here to announce the winner of my very first giveaway: a copy of Raw for Dessert by Jennifer Cornbleet.

Holiday parfait

One of my all-time favourite desserts to serve at a dinner party is individual parfaits. There are endless variations, with flavours and colours to match any theme or season. I often go with the ever-popular strawberry and chocolate combination for summertime gatherings, but now that we're approaching winter, out-of-season fruits just don't taste the...

Raw for Dessert review and giveaway

Traditional vegan baking will have to step aside. I have no desire to turn on the oven today. Instead, I’m going to indulge in a few no-bake treats from Jennifer Cornbleet’s Raw for Dessert. Would you like to join me?

Cranberry-orange tea cake

Childhood memories are some of the most precious memories we possess. Certain people, like our parents and grandparents, play a pivotal role in the creation of those memories.

Q&A with Camilla Saulsbury

There are few women I would call expert bakers, but Camilla Saulsbury is one of them. Her bio is endless: she is a professional recipe developer, cooking instructor, winner of several top cooking competitions and the face behind 11 cookbooks.