Gluten-free raspberry chocolate cake

Can you believe it's over? I certainly can't. I hope you were able to discover some new and fascinating vegan blogs during this month of Vegan Month of Food.

Persimmon jam dots

Nothing beats homemade cookies during the holiday season. Imagine offering your guests an assortment of scrumptious vegan cookies with flavour combinations like cinnamon and sugar, persimmon and spice, and chocolate and peanut butter, along with a warm mug of vegan Bailey's.

Baking without eggs

Replacing eggs is one of the most fascinating and exciting aspects of baking without animal products. Eggs perform various functions in baking, from binding and leavening to adding moisture and richness, so learning how to replicate those particular functions with healthful, plant-based ingredients is a necessary lesson if you want to bake vegan-style.

Loaded maple blondies

Loaded blondies? Yes, these babies are loaded with stuff—as in cranberries, cherries, dates, toasted almonds and bittersweet chocolate. Blondies are often considered to be brownies without the chocolate, which I find kind of silly.

New online vegan directory!

Yesterday the news broke with an official press release., a new online directory exclusively for vegans searching for cruelty-free places to eat, shop and hang out at, is set to launch on December 1!