Raw almond fudge bars

I'm excited to share a fantastic recipe I created a couple of weeks ago when I came home from work one evening with no desire to cook. The thing is...

St. Lucia muffins

As promised, here's the recipe for the delicious tropical muffins I made for my anniversary weekend celebration. These muffins started out simply: with the idea of melding some tropical fruit into a simple and healthy muffin base.

Anniversary parfait

On January 16, 2009, my husband and I stood barefoot in the sands of St. Lucia and vowed to love and honour each other forever. It was just the two of us and a minister, and it was the happiest day of my life. Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary...

Chocolate quinoa pudding

Ah, inspiration. Do you realize it's all around us, camouflaged in every corner of our lives, waiting for us to take notice? Inspiration gives us the courage to test the limits of our imagination. It is where brilliance thrives.

Raw cookie dough bites

Happy twenty-eleven! Now that it's the beginning of a new year, it seems the holiday hoopla is already becoming a distant memory. The big meals and decadent desserts have been devoured, the wine bottles have been emptied, and the gingerbread house has been picked clean.