Banana bread cookies

I should probably go ahead and apologize for the abundance of oats in my recipes (as in these, these, these, more of these, these and these) but there is just something about them that makes me happy and fulfulled, especially in the winter.

Spiced fig balls

I don't think these little gems need much of an introduction, as most of you have probably already made some version of these healthy energy balls before.

Sweet nori bars

I often surprise myself when the smallest thing inspires me to create something fantastic. Take these sweet nori bars as an interesting example of what can come out of reading an old issue of an unknown women's magazine while sweating to the beat of Rihanna's "Rude Boy" on the elliptical.

Flourless almond ginger cookies

When it comes to Valentine's Day desserts, whole-grain flours don't tend to set hearts aflutter. They're like the practical, no-nonsense boyfriends of the confectionery world—comfortable and supportive, but too sensible to really thrill.

Chili cheesecake in the raw

When it comes to Valentine's Day, you're either a skeptic or a romantic. I used to be the former in a big way and I only thought of the February 14 hoopla as another marketing scheme brought to us by Hallmark.