Raw lemon tartlets

For the last week and a half I've been home alone. My husband went on a golfing trip with his dad and brother, and to say I miss him would be an understatement. When you get used to living with someone and you look forward to seeing him after a long day at work,...

Raw ice cream sandwich cookies

In case you missed the April in the Raw event over at Real Sustenance, I wanted to share the recipe I contributed on my closing-day guest post.

And the winner is…

Today's Raw Cake Pop Challenge tasting party was a success! We have a winner, as well as two fantastic runner-ups, in what was a very close competition.

Raw Cake Pop Challenge Roundup

Last night at midnight was the deadline to enter the Raw Cake Pop Challenge, and boy have we got some creative entries! Lisa and I knew it was a tough challenge, but the participants' hard work and determination exceeded our expectations.


Canadians love their doughnuts. So much so, they have become part of our culture. Timbits, the brand name of bite-sized doughnut balls sold at the popular coffee shop franchise Tim Hortons, has become a generic term for what the United States and other parts of the world call "donut holes."