Crispy carob kamut squares

I've never been known for showing up late, or waiting until the last minute of a project deadline. I was once that girl who feared losing marks on a school project if I was late handing it in, or being sent to the principal's office if I tried to sneak into class after the...

Review: Sweet Vegan

Perhaps for some people, the answers to life's toughest questions seem so obvious. For me, stewing over the simplest decision often takes over my day. My saving grace is in knowing that I can go home to my kitchen, where I delve into the therapeutic process of whisking, mixing, kneading and rolling my worries...

Strawberry apple tart

After dealing with a gruelling work week and an endless headache from all the rain, I was grateful for the long weekend to catch up on rest, reading and some much-needed yard work.

Mylk Uncookies: A vegan’s dream cafe

There was a time when I couldn't imagine being able to find a coffee shop that catered to my needs and wishes: a chai tea latte with a thick layer of foamy nondairy milk and a squirt of agave, and perhaps a sample of a vegan brownie calling my name from the display case.

Creamy chocolate torte

As a new recipe contributor to One Green Planet, I'm ecstatic to announce my debut! This fantastic website is dedicated to spreading ideas and knowledge about the environment and vegan living. If you haven't already come across this site, I suggest you pay a visit.