DIY Vegan pre-order news!

Pre-order DIY Vegan and receive BONUS gifts!

It’s here! Well, almost.

It’s been just about two years since Lisa and I started on the journey of creating a 272-page cookbook—planning, writing, creating, testing, retesting, photographing, editing and proofreading—and here we are, mere weeks away from launching our baby, DIY Vegan. While the book officially becomes available at bookstores near you at the end of October, we want you to have the opportunity to purchase it now. Like, right now. Today.

Want to learn a little more about it? You can find more details by clicking over to my book page, which includes a few photos from the book and a breakdown of chapters. We poured our hearts and souls into this project and somehow managed to balance it all with our otherwise busy lives and full-time jobs (I truly admire anyone who does it more than once). It is a testament that two creative minds are better than one, and we really do make a great team.

To sweeten the deal, we’ve also put together a 10-recipe bonus ebook, called DIY Delicious, which is available to everyone who pre-orders our book before October 27.

Pre-order DIY Vegan and receive BONUS gifts!

Why pre-order? Book retailers, both online and in stores, love pre-orders! It basically determines how much affection they will give the book at their stores once it releases. Plus, you won’t have to worry about rushing out to the store to buy a copy once it’s available. Pre-ordered books will just arrive at your doorstep, often before they make it to stores. It’s like a happy surprise, picked out just for you!

Pre-order bonus: Since pre-orders are so important, we created this special ebook of recipes as a way to say thank YOU. The ebook includes:

  • All new recipes, including a few from the book itself! DIY Delicious is meant as a sort of companion to DIY Vegan. Along with a few of our everyday favourites, like the Sriracha Mayo we slather on sandwiches, the Chocolate Hazelnut Butter we spread on toast, and the Crunchy Italian Seasoned Croutons we toss into all our salads, we’ve also created recipes that actually use those staples.
  • As always, the recipes are all vegan, gluten-free and wholesome.
  • There are lots of delicious looking photos, shot by yours truly.
  • Once you’ve pre-ordered DIY Vegan, you get the bonus ebook right away!

Pre-order bonus instructions:

  1. Pre-order DIY Vegan before October 27, 2015. It’s currently available from the following retailers: AMAZON (US), AMAZON (CANADA), BARNES & NOBLEBOOKS-A-MILLIONIBOOKSINDIEBOUNDPOWELL’S BOOKSWALMART, and INDIGO.
  2. Email your order confirmation to nicole [at] adashofcompassion [dot] com.
  3. We’ll reply with a copy of DIY Delicious just for you, as well as a billion thank-yous for supporting our work.

We’ve also got a few other plans in the works that we know you’ll love, so stayed tuned!

With gratitude,

Nicole & Lisa



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