Ebook release!

You know that feeling of pride and accomplishment when you finish a project you worked so hard on? That’s how I feel about the results of this ebook project, which took many months of recipe development, testing and retesting. It has been a complete labour of love ever since Lisa and I started sharing ideas and dreaming up possibilities late last summer, and so it seemed fitting to share it with you all after this Labour Day long weekend.

The ebook, Tiny Treats: Vegan Recipes that will Tantalize Your Taste Buds and Nourish Your Soul, was created for:

♥ anyone avoiding dairy, eggs, soy, refined sugar and flour who still wants life to be delicious;

♥ everyone in our Treat of the Month Club who’ve been begging for recipes over the last 5 months; and

♥ you, the readers who’ve  shared comments of support, praise for a well-plated treat and a steadfast appetite for awesome vegan recipes.

We had some pretty fabulous taste-testers during our recipe development phase, when we cranked out batch after batch of tiny treats until we were finally happy with the results. Many of those taste-testers were particularly anamoured by our Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bites…

They favoured our Hazelnut Brownies with Maple Chocolate Ganache…

And they requested the recipe for the Vanilla Almond Cacao Cookies.

A few weeks ago, when we were closing in on completion of the book, we thought about using this opportunity to put our baketivism beliefs into practice.

After much deliberation, we decided that one-third of the purchase price from each copy of Tiny Treats will go to support the work of Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand.

Photo by Lisa Pitman

Lisa has shared a few personal stories about living among the elephants during her time volunteering at the sanctuary and hearing the stories of torture and suffering this endangered species has experienced within Thailand’s tourist economy. We hope, with your support, to raise enough money to feed two elephants in 2013.

If you’re interested, you can read all about Tiny Treats (and even take a sneak peek inside) and order your copy right here.



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