Review: Vegan’s Daily Companion

I believe we all bring our own unique talents into the world, and we all have the power to use those talents to make the world a better place. Since adopting a plant-based diet nearly 20 years ago, I’ve aspired to use my skills and assets to advocate on behalf of animals, and to be a joyful example of veganism at its best.

Having a guide or friend to help along the way can make a difference in how I approach each day and each conversation. That is the very reason I bought Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s recent book, Vegan’s Daily Companion, while visiting her in California this past summer. To me, Colleen is both a hero and a friend and, surely, she is an inspiration to the entire vegan community. In this well-organized guidebook, she offers knowledge and support to advocates through affirmations, stories and recipes, some of which include the work of other people as well as familiar material from her own popular podcast, Vegetarian Food for Thought.

The premise behind this wonderful resource is to educate and encourage new vegans and empower seasoned activists. It is designed as a series of daily readings. You can read from the beginning, following the days of the week through the calendar year, or reading one entry a day (except for Saturday and Sunday, which are combined). You can also read from the middle of the book, or the end, or skip around from week to week as inspiration strikes.

♥ Mondays are “For the love of food,” celebrating sustenance and eating healthfully.

♥ Tuesdays are “Compassionate communication,” sharing techniques and tactics for speaking on behalf of veganism effectively and compassionately.

♥ Wednesdays are “Optimum health for body, mind and spirit,” highlighting care and maintenance for becoming and remaining a joyful vegan.

♥ Thursdays are “Animals in the arts: literature and film,” offering inspirational stories that reflect our consciousness of and relationship with nonhuman animals.

♥ Fridays are “Stories of hope, rescue and transformation,” telling heartening stories of people who have become awakened and animals who have found sanctuary.

♥ Saturdays and Sundays are “Healthful recipes,” sharing favourite recipes to use as activism and nourishment.

As our very own vegan soup for the soul, this book is sure to sooth, educate and encourage us every day throughout the year. It reminds us why we are doing what we do, to let go of results and concentrate on intentions, and to promote peace, compassion, and justice for all beings. This book is like having Colleen as a mentor right there with you, waiting to help you each and every day and guiding you along the path to more hopeful activism.



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