Raw recipe challenge revealed!

Lisa and I had so much fun with the Raw Cake Pop Challenge we hosted in April, we’d like to invite you to take part in a new challenge for June. This time, we’re asking you to redesign the standard ice cream sandwich with a raw twist to help make our summer frozen treats more fun.

We’re sure you’ve all tried a vegan ice cream sandwichthey’re pretty widely available in health food stores and most mainstream grocery stores these days. But, since we’ve never seen a raw ice cream sandwich for sale, we’re turning to you for some creative inspiration. For all your hard work, creating sensational summer sweets, we have some pretty spectacular prizes to offer.

We’re not new to trying to reinvent this dessert classic. I’ve experimented in the past with blending avocados to make these frozen treats, and Lisa has churned out some “almost raw” ice cream made with beans and these little lovelies based on a spicy, chai pumpkin blend.

But we think you can come up with something even more outstanding. The options are only bound by the limits of your imagination. All we ask is that you use raw vegan ingredients.As many of you know, there is no official definition of “raw food.” In this case, we mean ingredients that have not been heated beyond 118 degrees. Nothing that comes in a can, no soy, no store-bought coconut milks, almond milk, oat milk or rice milk sold in tetra packs will be allowed. Instead, look for raw nuts, fresh or dried coconut, seeds and dried fruits that can be turned into milks or flours. You can use coconut sugar, stevia, raw agave, lucuma, dates, raisins or maple syrup (an allowable exception to the raw rule) to sweeten your frozen treats. Feel free to play with dried spices and have fun inventing new combinations.

How to enter: [This contest is now over. Thanks to everyone who entered!]

1. Create your own version of an ice cream sandwich, using only raw vegan ingredients. Your ice cream sandwich should include an “ice cream” filling as well as a top and bottom layer to form a sandwich. The flavours are totally up to you so feel free to be creative! It’s not necessary to own or use an ice cream maker to enter this challenge, and you’re welcome to submit more than one recipe.

2. Blog about your ice cream sandwich creation, including the full recipe and photos, and then come back and let me know via the comment section below. Remember to leave a link back to your post, which Lisa and I will check out and judge. We will also grab one of your photos to include in the entries roundup post at the end of the challenge.

3. To be entered in the challenge you need to post your entry by Friday, July 1, 2011 at midnight. Lisa and I will look through all the entries and narrow them down, using the criteria below, to three finalists. We will recreate the three finalist recipes, host a tasting party with friends and select a winner.

Judging criteria:
  • Enticing flavour profile
  • Creativity of your ice cream sandwich and ingredients
  • Texture of your ice cream and sandwich layers
  • Overall presentation 

Prizes (updated):

  • Everyone who enters will receive a special discount coupon code to use at Navitas Naturals! 
  • The three finalists will be in a feature post on my blog and Lisa’s (we will recreate the recipes and photograph them).
  • First Place winner will receive a Cacao Kapow Kit, which includes: a make-your-own chocolate superfoods kits, a 4-oz. bag of sweet cacao nibs, a cacao lip balm, and an 8-oz. bag of raw, organic cacao powder from Navitas Naturals.
  • Second Place winner will receive a copy of Sweetly Raw‘s brand new ice cream e-book that will be released this month.
  • Third Place winner will receive a special goodie bag of raw treats prepared by Lisa and me. Marlie, the winner of our last challenge, certainly enjoyed hers!

We can’t wait to see what you create. Have fun and good luck!



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