My summer happiness list



My summer lifestyle has finally commenced. This year, I’m taking the time to do things I love and relax a little more. Looking ahead and making summer plans, I put together a list of the 10 things that are a must-do to make my summer a happy one.

1. Turn off the oven: It goes without saying that I adore baking, but when the summer heat is upon us I try to stick to raw dessert-making to satisfy my creative desires. This month, I look forward to making raw ice cream sandwiches.

2. Hit the road: With backpacks full of water bottles, homemade granola, strawberries and apples, I’m ready to dust off my bike and venture onto the many bike paths around the city and beyond—with frequent pit stops at yard sales and farmers markets, of course!

3. Relax at the cottage: My long weekends will involve a roadtrip to a faraway place where we leave our worries behind and listen to birds chirping and water lapping against the shore. It is an oasis for relaxation and family fun.

4. Eat gelato: And lots of it. One of my favourite ice-cream shops is located in the Beaches, and I have yet to visit since moving to a nearby neighbourhood. For the sake of supporting local businesses, I’ve vowed to visit regularly for cones of refreshing, homemade mango gelato.

5. Run: With summer’s longer days, I can hit the sidewalk in my Nikes a little more freely at dusk and avoid the mid-day sun beating down on my back. My hubby and I love running along the nearby walking paths and exploring unknown territory. And it sure beats the treadmill at the gym!

6. Garden: My newly enclosed vegetable garden of cherry tomatoes, brocolli, eggplant, spinach, kale, lettuce, zucchini (and more!) is freshly planted and I’m excited to care for it and watch it grow.

7. Visit farmers markets: My true summer treat. There are over 30 markets in Toronto! I have yet to visit all of them, but I’m working on it.

8. Read: With work deadlines, meal planning and house cleaning on my weekly to-do list, reading for pleasure is not given enough priority. But with brighter days and longer evenings to relax outside (particularly at #3), I plan to get through a few of the neglected books near my bedside.

9. Plan day trips: Lazy afternoon patio lunches and dinners with friends and my hubby are a highlight of my summer. I hope to plan more of these in the coming months, including a picnic on the island and movie nights at Harbourfront.

10. Enjoy the local bounty: I’m grateful to live in a region that grows a large variety of local fruits and vegetables. I stick to my tried and true favourites too often. This summer, I hope to include more variety in my daily routine and recipe creations.

What are you doing this summer to make you happy?



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