New online vegan directory!

Yesterday the news broke with an official press release., a new online directory exclusively for vegans searching for cruelty-free places to eat, shop and hang out at, is set to launch on December 1!

After a year of coding, programming and drinking countless cups of fair-trade coffee, Adriana Giancarla-Pope and Nathan Pope made it happen. is the fruit of their labour, an interactive social media platform that exists to make vegan food, vegan culture and vegan fashion more accessible to the public. It will help us find the newest vegan cafe, the cutest wool-free winter coat, and it will connect us with the events of an ever-growing ethical subculture.

“We stepped it up a notch in order to be the ultimate guide,” says co-founder Adriana. “Best of all, Vegan Corner benefits the animals by donating 10% of profits every month to an animal charity.”

I got a sneak-peak at the site and it has a nice, clean design, and it’s easy to read and navigate. Aside from the restaurant and event listings, it also has an extensive listing of vegan products. Need to find the perfect gluten-free cake mix? Searching for a soothing vegan lip balm? It’s all here in one spot. In fact, only lists companies that don’t test on animals!

As if it can’t get any better, currently has an iphone application in the works, too. Being an on-the-go vegan just got easier. You can sign up today so you can be part of the new vegan community starting on December 1. Hope to see you there!



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